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Domestic Violence

Our team helps you with all family law issues by protecting your family.  Our family law services are composed of experienced attorneys at CoffyLaw.  Our family law practice helps track the progress of many family issues, cases, and litigation matters.  CoffyLaw has more than 50 years combined experience in family law. Our legal team includes ex-patent examiners, family attorneys, inventors, business attorneys and technical advisors in mechanical electrical engineering, and computer technology.  Whether preparing family matters or trademark applications,  CoffyLaw performed the full complement of family matter representation and services.


Drawing on years of experience in national and family practice, representing a diverse client portfolio, including high profile individuals, and entrepreneurs, CoffyLaw is positioned to strategically stay on top of the laws that affect our clients. CoffyLaw protects and defends your family from misrepresentation.

Family Law

Protecting your family with the law.


  • Family law
  • Social matter representation 
  • Adoption matters
  • Surrogacy matters
  • Child protective proceedings
  • Paternity issues
  • Juvenile matters
Family Matters

We perform a wide range of family matters and representation.


  • Conflict of marriage laws
  • Jurisdiction 
  • Juvenile delinquencies and adjudication 
  • Child abuse 

Family Litigation Efforts


Family Cases: 254

Adjudication Cases: 185

Other Complex Family Cases: 621





Non-Judicial Actions



The Power of Collaboration